Volunteer Fire Association is committed to providing the highest professional level of fire and rescue services for our community. We are dedicated to providing services that meet the ever changing needs of our community while ensuring a safe and secure environment. We accomplish this mission through training, education, and dedication to the protection of our membership and the community.


1. Integrity / Trust: We are honest and fair in our dealings with each other and with members of our community. We are honorable to our profession and we inspire ourselves and each other to maintain trustworthiness, openness, and sincerity. We rely on the integrity, ability, and character of those we serve with, those we lead, and those who lead us because our lives depend on it. We are committed to maintaining the trust of our community.

2. Respect: We treat everyone with dignity and expect others to treat us with dignity. We value the role each member plays in our Department.

3. Accountability: We hold ourselves and others responsible for our actions. We do not make excuses or try to place blame on other people.

4. Compassion: We are aware of the misfortune and suffering of those we serve in their time of need and have a strong desire to help them.

5. Teamwork: We are committed to working together and supporting each other. We value the input of others, including those within our Department and within our community.

6. Courage: We strive to overcome fear and adversity, both physically and morally, in order to always do the right thing; not the easy thing.

7. Dedication: We faithfully fulfill our duties and obligations to each other, the Department, and the community.

8. Family / Brotherhood: We believe our Department is more than just a place of duty. It is our extended family and our success or failure is dependent on the commitment and unity we have with each other.



Brookshire Volunteer Fire Department operates out of a station graciously leased to us for our use by First Baptist Church of Brookshire.  This facility provides a location to allow for training as well as bunks for overnight manning of our station.


We operate… graciously provided to us by Waller-Harris ESD 200.